Warts and papillomas, choice of means of treatment

Evaluation of effective remedies for warts and papillomas

It is very easy to get papillomas. It can be spread through kissing, having sex, and even touching an infected person. In most people, the infection is suppressed by the immune system. However, favorable factors can trigger the virus, and it begins to induce growth of skin cells.

Most HPV lesions are benign. They don't require forced rejection, but they often cause a great deal of discomfort. In this case, you can remove the skin growth in the clinic or use home remedies for warts and papillomas.

Traditional and folk medicine offers many options for dealing with papillomas on the epidermis. The main thing before using them is to determine the exact source of the formation on the skin, so as not to harm yourself.

Medicinal preparations

There are many medications designed to remove warts and papillomas. The use of external agents helps to quickly clear the skin. They can be published as:

  • ;
  • gels, creams, ointments;
  • gypsum
  • ;
  • aerosol.

The drug not only helps to get rid of the defect, but also the cause of it. Some of them stimulate the immune system, others have a pronounced antiviral effect.

There are many drugs available to treat warts and papillomas.


Many liquid skin bleaches are known to help whiten the skin. Before removing papillae or warts with their help, you should lubricate the skin around the growth with zinc pools. This will help prevent burns if corrosive liquid is accidentally spilled into healthy tissue.

Some solutions have a keratinizer (softening) effect. They gradually destroy warts and papillomas, providing a gentler effect than pathogens. After their application, tissue layers begin to die.

Attention!If cauterizing compound comes into contact with skin, wash off immediately. For this, clean water is used. After cleansing, the epidermis is treated with a healing ointment for several days!

Ointments, creams, gels

Warts and papillomas can be removed not just by solution. There are drugs with a thicker base: special ointments and gels with antiviral effects. The most suitable medicine will be recommended by a specialist.

Frozen preparations

A good remedy for getting rid of warts and papillomas at home are special coagulants, their active ingredients being refrigerants. When it comes into contact with the skin, they freeze the tissue. Then there is a gradual death of abnormal cells, resulting in the disappearance of the formation.

Do not use coagulants on papillomas and warts to treat:

  • pregnant women;
  • women who are breast-feeding;
  • people with diabetes;
  • infants under four years of age.

A coagulant for the removal of warts and papillae is applied to the topical medication, applied to the developed skin area. The exposure time of the refrigerant is specified in the instructions. It depends on the size and location of the education.

The swelling should go away from the skin two weeks after the treatment. If the problem area is not deleted, the procedure is repeated.

Severe hard warts can take up to three freezes to remove. This is the maximum possible number of process repetitions. If the buildup persists, then you should consult your doctor to adjust your treatment.

Softening Patches

There are very effective remedies for getting rid of warts on the soles of your feet. They take the form of special patches.

Remove home warts with stickers like this:

  • The feet are well absorbed.
  • One piece cut from keratolytic binder. It will cover the TB wound, but it won't stick to the healthy tissue.
  • An ordinary adhesive plaster is mounted on top.

The overlay must be refreshed every two days. You don't need to be steamed.

Attention!The acne surface will gradually peel off. After the accumulation has disappeared completely, a small fossil may remain on the base. Over time, the skin's surface color becomes even!


medicine to treat warts

A systemic drug is prescribed to eliminate the very cause of papillomas and warts - the virus that causes papillae in humans.

Should be combined with the treatment of external warts.

Experts recommend treating genital warts with a systemic drug, parallel treatment of genital warts with external agents. With such an integrated approach, drug treatment is most effective.

Folk remedies

Alternative medicine offers many ways to clean the skin. Recipes describe in detail how to get rid of papillomas and warts at home.

Folk remedies for the removal of papillomavirus-caused skin lesions are done on the basis of readily available and inexpensive ingredients. Vinegar, eggs, onions, celandine, walnuts and Kalanchoe are commonly used.

The following folk remedies are very popular:

  • Garlic ointment.To make it you need vinegar and buttermilk essence. Porridge is made from a clove of garlic. One teaspoon of lard and acetic acid is added. The use of the resulting ointment is quite simple - it is applied to the warts or papillomas at night. A bandage is placed over the treatment area, which is fixed with adhesive plaster. This procedure is repeated daily until the cuticles are completely cleaned.
  • Onion ointment.This folk remedy is prepared with the addition of honey. People allergic to bee waste cannot use it. Onion juice is used to make ointments; It is mixed with honey in the ratio of 2: 1. The composition is applied to the problem areas, left overnight. Gauze is placed on top, fixed with a bandage or plaster. This process is repeated until the accumulation has disappeared.
  • Egg whites.Applies to skin TB in its pure form. After one layer dries, the next layer is spread. The procedure is repeated for several days. After a while, the warts disappear.
  • Recipe for folk remedies for warts
  • Celandine.The tree cut closer to the base. The warts or papillomas are smeared with its bright yellow water every three hours. After a week of such processing, the schedule changed. The juice is applied three times a day. After one month of such treatment, the growth disappears from the skin.

The folk treatment of warts and papillomas is not welcomed by doctors. Many experts consider any method from alternative arsenal to be ineffective and give preference to pharmaceutical preparations.

Is it possible to choose the right tool yourself

Removing skin lumps without consulting your doctor first is a frivolous and dangerous exercise. A person without special medical education will not be able to reliably identify the source of the pathology that has arisen, to establish its type. It is these two criteria that directly affect the selection of drugs for treating genital warts.

Only a dermatologist can accurately determine the cause of formation. After all, the bumps on the epidermis aren't just caused by the human papillomavirus. With the help of laboratory studies, the nature of the occurrence of anomalies is precisely established. Professional diagnostics allows you to exclude:

  • malignant tumor;
  • molluscum contagiosum;
  • warts of a syphilitic nature.

Also, dermatologists are well aware of the difference between papillomas and warts. This is important when choosing an effective remedy against them. He will notice different features of the structure:

  • form;
  • outline features;
  • localization
  • ;
  • variation of color and size;
  • sense of complementarity in problem area.

Important!Only by identifying the exact cause and type of appearance, the therapist will confidently say how to treat warts and papillomas at home!

Keep in mind that removing development with external means does not always completely solve the problem. After all, these medications for papillomas and warts do not clear the virus from the body, which causes an abnormality in the skin. Only comprehensive treatment helps to get rid of the complete disease. The skin will be cleaned and the appearance of new formations excluded.